Manchester Plaza

Manchester Township
Ocean County, New Jersey

Services for this project included the design of site plans and securing of permits to allow for construction of 150,000 SF Lowes Home Improvement Center on the undeveloped portion of Manchester Plaza located on Route 70 in Manchester NJ (approximately 0.5 mile from the subject site). Upon introduction to the site, Manchester Plaza consisted of a partially developed shopping center, which had previously received a CAFRA permit for overall improvements to the project which had lapsed. Our services consisted of design of the project and integrating the Lowes Home Improvement chain's requirements into the existing infrastructure and facilities currently provided on the site. It also required us to assist in obtaining a modification to the previously issued CAFRA permit as well as securing water and sewer approval for the proposed Lowe's building. Our familiarity with the rules and regulations of Manchester Township allowed for streamlined design of the project as well as a successful appearance to provide expert testimony before the Manchester Township Planning Board. A major part of our design was consideration of the adjoining residence in the Leisure Knolls Project. We assisted the owner and attended several meeting with the concerned residents of the Leisure Knolls Association in order to explain the steps that were taken to consider the existing residential community as it related to proposed improvements for our site. During this project we were able to successfully incorporate a stringent list of requirements for a site project into an already existing infrastructure in order to best fit the proposed operation into the surrounding improvements as well as the community.