Leisure Village 2008 Roadway Improvements

Lakewood Township
Ocean County, New Jersey

As the engineering consultant for Leisure Village Association, the board of directors requested us to assist in providing services in order to prepare a proposed design of infrastructure improvements in order to rehabilitate portions of their community. The initial effort was to provide a roadway study of the entire community 20 +/- miles of roadway, in order to determine the proper sequencing in order to best fit the Association's needs as well as monetary limitations. Once the study was completed by our company and presented to the Board, we then proceeded with providing evaluations as to the sequencing of roadways which resulted in the Board approving the limits for the 2008 Roadway Improvement program. At this point, our firm was engaged to provide Construction Documents and Specifications for the Roadway Improvements as well as securing the required permits from various agencies with jurisdiction to same. This project was handled in accordance with formats contained in public bidding laws in order to maximize the return for the community relative to their proposed improvements. Our firm also assisted in the bidding process as well as providing Construction Administration Services which resulted in a savings of over $100,000.00 to the Leisure Village Association upon completion of the project.