Jackson Liberty High School

Jackson Township
Ocean County, New Jersey

Our staff provided all engineering and permit related services for this project which consisted of construction of a 2,000 student high school facility on a 150 acre +/- tract on South Hope Chapel Road in Jackson Township. The facility consists of approximately 18 ball fields, including a football stadium, a grand stands and associated buildings, tennis courts, 2 stormwater management basins, approximately 1,200 parking spaces on various lots, as well as pump station amenities for sewerage facilities. This project was also on a very stringent time schedule, and it was necessary to coordinate seamlessly with the various design professionals assigned to the project. Our involvement in the project included design of all site features, locations, locating buildings on the site, providing grading services, design of stormwater management facilities, design of sanitary sewer and water facilities, as well as obtaining the various permits from the local county and state agencies having jurisdiction over same. In addition to the basic engineering services, staff members also assisted the Jackson Board of Education in the condemnation appeal for the property presented by the previous owner in which the Board of Education realized a savings of approximately $1,000,000.000 in overall land price.