Brookdale Community College

Lincroft, NJ
North Driveway Improvements
Contact: Mr. Richard Frank, Executive Director-Facilities Management & Engineering

When Brookdale Community College located in Lincroft, NJ required improvements to the northerly driveway of their campus in order to improve site circulation to serve a 500 space parking facility located on their site, our staff was called upon to provide the engineering services necessary to remedy the situation. The current access at the time consisted of a narrow 2-lane driveway which was incorporated into various parking lots which restricted free access and create the potential for traffic conflicts within same. As part of this project, our staff provided a roadway alignment to separate driveway access from the existing parking fields and designed the project in such a way to meet the geometric roadway needs of the facility to be constructed. The project also required the construction of a stormwater management basin adjacent to environmentally sensitive areas. In connection with this stormwater basin, it was also necessary to secure permits from the NJDEP for stream encroachment as well as receive certification from the Freehold Soil Conservation District. Our designers worked closely with the College staff to provide a conceptual solution which was then developed into a full roadway construction design. During the design phase, our staff took into consideration the ongoing activities that needed to take place throughout the campus and provided a design sensitive to same which allowed for operation of the various campus facilities throughout the construction of the project. Plans and contract specifications were prepared for the project, in addition to assistance which was provided to secure bids for the overall contract. Our staff also provided construction observation services to oversee the installation of the various storm drainage and roadway improvements associated with the project.

Brookdale Community College was in need to provide upgrades to its existing Student Life Center located to the south of the campus adjacent to the Swimming River. In accordance with the College Master Plan the building was targeted to be doubled in size and additional site infrastructure facilities were necessary to support this building modification. The design of this project was particularly challenging due to the Student Life Center's close proximity to other campus buildings and the College's desire to limit disturbance of student and campus activities throughout the construction process. Site features added to the campus as part of this project included the provision of a cul-de-sac roadway for the Student Life's facility, modification of loading docks in order to facilitate deliveries, and inclusion of a stormwater management system in order to account for additional runoff generated by the project. A unique design for the stormwater basin was implemented by minimizing removal of trees in the environmentally sensitive wooded area remaining adjacent to the property. During this process, our staff also assisted in obtaining permits from the Freehold Soil Conservation District, the NJDEP related to stream encroachment, as well as the Wetlands Division. This wetlands application also included the considerations of threatened and endangered species based on the location of Bald Eagle nesting areas on adjacent properties. Our staff was able to incorporate all of these design limitations and still meet the College's requirements for programs. Construction documents as well as contract specifications were prepared. Our staff also provided construction observation to oversee installation of the project improvements.

As enrollment at Brookdale Community College increased two separate driveways that provided access to the remote areas of the campus proposed an ongoing problem. The college entrances are primarily located off of County Route 520 as well as Phalanx Road. The only interconnection between these two major access points to the campus consisted of 01 series of parking areas that required vehicular traffic to pass between same. This presented instances of potential vehicle conflicts between passing traffic and parking vehicles. Based on this, the College recognized the need for a major connection roadway between the previously mentioned access points on County Route 520 and Phalanx Road. Our first steps in this project consisted of developing an overall circulation plan for the College and presenting same to college administrative representatives. Working closely with the representatives we were able to establish a preferred alignment which consisted of a connector roadway with left- hand turn capability at appropriate connection points between major parking lots as well as access driveways. In order to account for runoff from the proposed improvements it was also necessary to design stormwater management basins and secure stream encroachment permits for same. In order to account for the revised roadway alignment, the internal parking areas were also redesigned to provide additional parking efficiencies where vehicular traffic had previously passed. At this time the College also chose to provide improvements to the entire parking field consisting of approximately 900 parking spaces. During design of these facilities, our staff also incorporated the requirements that student activities not be postponed and disruption of the overall college activities was held to a minimum. In order to provide the alignment which was best suited for the campus, it was also necessary to facilitate a land swap between the adjoining property to the north which required approval from the state of NJ Green Acres Program. Our staff facilitated these additional permit requirements and was able to secure the required approvals in time to meet the College's stringent construction deadline. Our staff was responsible for securing all of the previously mentioned permits on the project as well as approval from the Freehold Soil Conservation District. We also assisted in addition to the design of the project construction documents and contract specifications were prepared by our staff and also resulted in assistance to the College during the bidding process. Our staff also provided construction observation services to oversee implementation of the physical features of the project.

Our staff was contracted by Brookdale Community College located in Lincroft, NJ to provide site engineering services related to construction of a new central receiving and mail building located on the northerly portion of the campus. This project required consideration of vehicular access to the site based on it's location adjacent to a secondary driveway on the site which required redesign in order to accommodate truck traffic associated with the proposed facility. Our staff secured all permits for the project including Freehold Soil Conservation District and local water and sewer permits. Construction documents and contract specifications were prepared as well as the provision of construction observation to ensure proper implementation of site improvements.